I use analytics and neuroscience to build products that are sustainably designed to improve the quality of our lives.

Hi, I'm Suketu. I'm a mission-driven product manager who strives to create products that provide a positive impact on our social, physical, and emotional lives.

My expertise is in building customer adoption for high impact technology products and imparting a culture that fosters an empathetic understanding of the customer's problems.

A behavioral science background provides me the pragmatic knowledge on decisions making, usability, and psychological motivations, ultimately allowing me to formalize the impact of the product and features I'm created.

I'm obsessed with learning and expanding my personal identity.  My professional goals are motivated towards building human benevolent technology, and products that close opportunity gaps throughout our tech-dependent society.

Research & Conferences

Patel, Suketu. “An Evolutionary Based Mathematical Model for Consciousness.” ASSC 16. Association of the Scientific Study of Consciousness. Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. 5 July. 2012. Poster presentation. Page 132

Patel, Suketu. “Morality and Numerosity: A Pragmatic Basis for Rational and Logical Cognition.” Pragmatism and the Brain Conference, University of North Carolina Asheville, NC, USA. 2 June. 2016. Talk and Presentation.

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