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 I use data, psychology, & neuroscience to build software products that improve the quality of our lives.

Hi, I'm Suketu. I'm a clinical outcome-driven product manager, my mission is to help startups create products that provide a positive impact on our social, physical, and emotional wellness.

My expertise is in delivering clinically significant outcomes for patients and their healthcare providers. I'm a culture builder and an advocate of team empowerment by advancing a product methodology that prioritizing empathy for a patient's problems, limitations, and needs. 


What I bring to startup culture and product squads is values of inquisitiveness, attentiveness, and passionate collaboration that empower team members to openly share ideas and make meaningful contributions.

I'm an obsessive learner and am strive to integrate social and technological trends for the betterment of humanity and human conditions. My professional goals are motivated towards building benevolent technology products that close health equity gaps in our tech-reliant society.

Research & Conferences

Patel, Suketu. “Morality and Numerosity: A Pragmatic Basis for Rational and Logical Cognition.” Pragmatism and the Brain Conference, University of North Carolina Asheville, NC, USA. 2 June. 2016. Talk and Presentation.

Patel, Suketu. “An Evolutionary Based Mathematical Model for Consciousness.” ASSC 16. Association of the Scientific Study of Consciousness. Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. 5 July. 2012. Poster presentation. Page 132

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